Competitive Wages

Among all of the long haul trucking companies in Canada, Bulk Carriers is proud to offer one of the most competitive salary packages available. We believe in hiring and rewarding skilled and dedicated drivers.


We offer ongoing education to all Bulk employees to ensure that their knowledge is up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the transportation industry.


We may be based in a small town in Prince Edward Island, but our drivers get to experience all of the beauty of the eastern sea board in both Canada and the United States.


Atlantic Canada is known for its unique brand of hospitality, complimented by beautiful coastlines and an intriguing history. Experience the best of life in the maritimes.

Easy Access

Prince Edward Island may seem remote, but our connection to the mainland via the Confederation Bridge means you can easily come and go and experience life both on and off the island.


Our team of drivers and support staff come from across the world and with a broad range of skill sets. We all work together to build a culture of excellence and safety.

Shipping & storage with us is easy.

Our specialists would be happy to walk you through the process.