We know that our industry isn’t often looked to for its efforts in the fight against emissions and pollution. But much has been done in recent years to ensure the long haul vehicles that are on the road are maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental damage as much as possible. The fact of the matter is, long haul trucking and the machinery that runs it isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so as a business and an industry we have to look at making changes that curb our effect on the environment.

In a 2017 article from Pacific Standard magazine, the state of the industry is looking better:

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, freight movement (which also includes air and water-based transport) currently accounts for 16 percent of all corporate greenhouse gas emissions. There was a time, though, when that percentage was much, much higher. And in many ways that reduction has to do with industry-wide shifts toward cleaner machines. [It] would take 70 trucks built today to replicate the emissions from just one truck built in 2002.

At Bulk Carriers, we employ a large modern fleet. Not only does this ensure that our vehicles are reliable and comfortable for our drivers, but these newer vehicles are less environmentally harmful and more efficient than later models. In our fight to be more sustainable, large decisions like these have had a big impact on our business and on the environment.

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